The Origin of Crystal Palace FC Vol.1

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Brand new Crystal Palace book volume 1 detailing the origins and birth of the football club.

The narrative follows the fortunes of its fooball club through its highs and lows, from its commencement in 1861, its role in the backbone of the early football associaition, its part in the creation of the FA Cup competition, via its evolution to professionalism in 1905 in Volume 1: to its complete seperation from the company in 1914, its eviction from Crystal Palace Park in 1915, its moves to other grounds and its relocation to Selhurst Park in 1924 in Volume 2.

Drawn entirely from primary sources and four years in the writing, the book reveals fascinating bigraphic information about the men who founded the club in 1861 and about the commercial pressures and ambitions which motivated the Crystal Palace company to persevere on and off with its football club through six decades as an attraction in Crystal Palace park

Written by Steve Martyniuk this book is Hard covered, A4 size and 400 pages.

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